Paper Cutting Machine Controller

Program Paper Cutting Machine

Program Cutting Machine Backgauge Controller

Most easiest operator interfaced programmable cutter controller

our Product Variants


Touch Operated control

works in any screwrod based cutting machines.


Servo motor controler

PLC based servo position controller for cutting machines.


Processor Based Twospeed control

Electronic Processor Based two speed motor controller, works for drives operation.


Basic position control

Basic version of FUJICUT TOUCH operates on touch screen with full functions.

about the company

We are authorised Dearlers and importer for FUJICUT paper cutting program units, Feel Free to contact for service, Sales , Alteration, Custamization for your Paper cutting Machines , For Dealership and Distributor callus/p>

Most Succesfull cuting Machine Backgauge Controller,Works On almost all type of Paper cutting guillotines

We can customize the design and options, functions for manufacturer requirements, fully hydraulic control, clutch based knife control, motorised control.

Our Skills

we taken very oldest machine to upgrade the latest control and succeded. replaced latest controls also partialy or fully replacement, we provide economical solution with industrial grade materials

  • Operator interface 90%

  • Visualized Datas 80%

  • Easy navigation85%

  • Job saving capacity 75%


Full cutting machine control can possible with extra knife and pressure control, Full automatic and semi automatic functions, manual function on screen and buttons.
Our Screen visibility and look impress you, which provide wide viewing angle and helps easy operations, operator get whole information and data in a single look, navigation interface is more simplified.
FUJICUT is economical than other electronic program available in the market, FUJICUT built with Industrial automation materials which gives you trouble free operation and durable.

Our Featured Services

Program Replacement

We Provide Replacement solution for existing working or non working program units

Total Control

Our Fujicut also suitable for Full cutting machine control includes knife and pressure control works with safty sensors .


FUJICUT can ordered for specific machines which requires special functions and optional devices, or upgradation of existing machine .